AlloVetodom : A veterinary care at home in Nantes and Nantes District

anglaterra11 AlloVetodom : A veterinary care at home in Nantes and Nantes District

AlloVetodom  is  a  veterinary  care at home (hotel, camping , guest house…) for pets only in Nantes and  Nantes district (50kms around)

Allovetodom was born in 2011, because  it was difficult for pets owners to transport their pet(s) when it needs  a veterinary service.

Your  pet  will be  more  quiet at  home  than  anywhere , especially  for  cats  or  anxious dogs; it will be easier  to  examinate it at home.

;  after  examination ( vaccination , blood sample , echography , microship   …..) your pet  will find again  its  favorite toy very quickly.

In this case it is now easier for them to call a veterinary care service witch is able  to go home quickly 7 days/7 and  24 hours/24.

Transport  difficulties  to find  a  vet  in  a   foreign  and  crowded town  are  not  a  problem  with  ALLOVETODOM veterinary care at home

=> If  your  pet  is  sick  or injured

=> If your pet needs  vaccinations

=> If your pet needs  worm or flea treatment or any  medecine or diets

=> If you come back UK  and  your pet needs  a clinical examination ,exportation certificate and tapeworm treatment (Pet Travel Scheme)

Consultation charge is 40.00€ (inclusing all taxes)  from  8.00 AM  to  19.00 PM   and   75.00€  between  19.00PM  and  8.00 AM  and on  Sundays  or  like.

Travel Expenses are free in Nantes town

Please call on :

If  you live in a  camping  area, may you give us your spot number, it will be easier for us to  find your motor home, you … and your pet(s) !